WOW Fish Oil Benefits : Omega 3 Fatty Acid Uses Price Dose ?

Friends, today’s our blog topic is WOW Fish oil !! We also called is as Omega 3 fatty acids which we  get in the product of WOW company!! In this we will know  what benefits we get from consuming Omega 3? What are the symptoms of its deficiency? Also, what harm can we suffer from excessive consumption of it? Is it safe for everyone? Can pregnant women consume it? Have?

Apart from this, friends, we will know  how much its market price is? What  is the dose? In which situation we should not consume it?

What are its Ingredients ?

wow fish oil

Friends , In this we get 550mg EPA + 350mg DHA + 100mg in line with  other Omega 3s. It remains in capsule form. It is easily absorbed in our body. Friends  , the full form of EPA is Eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA is  called Docosahexaenoic acid. In which EPA is available job is not to let our blood accumulate in one place. To properly flow blood throughout our system, as well as to  smooth the functioning of our brain. Develop the brain.

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Symptoms of Omega-3 Deficiency in our body?

Friends, you will see that you  will have skin Iradiation problem. There will be dryness in the skin  . There is a problem of unwanted acne. The patient  has a problem of depression. There is a problem of dryness in the eyes. Tear production in our eyes  is not proper. Things will not be visible properly. Apart from this, you will see the problem of joint pain. You will feel like shrinking from inside the body.  Will. There will be a problem of stephens. You will not have the desire to work at all. You will continue to feel pain in the body. Also, you  will see a change in the texture of your hair. There will be a problem of hair loss. You  will see dryness in your scalp  . Friends, here we have told you some important symptoms. Apart from this, there can be many other symptoms of omega-3 deficiency.

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What are the Health Benefits of taking Wow Fish oil?

1. Helps to get out of Depression anxiety.
WOW Fish Oil Benefits : Omega 3 Fatty Acid Uses

Friends, you must have seen that people who  become victims of depression. Those who have no interest in life, they do not see anything except despair. Mental stress becomes so much that the person does not understand anything. It loses its temper. Consuming omega-3 in that condition is very beneficial.  A problem like anxiety in which a person is constantly afraid of something inside. People feel lonely even while living. Under a mental cosmic pressure, the person is suppressed. He constantly experiences mental restlessness in his life. In that case  it is very good for the person to consume omega-3.

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2. Increases the health of the eyes.

Friends, it is very important to keep the retina of our eyes healthy to make us look good. Omega-3 is very important for the development and regulation of the retina. If we do not get the required amount  of DHA, then we  have to face vision related problems. Consuming the required amount of omega 3 helps to keep away the fatal problem of macular degeneration of the eyes.

3. Helps to keep heart-related disorders away.

Friends, due to Bad Chlosterol, serious problems like heart attack, difficulty in breathing, getting tired very quickly are seen.  Consumption of omega-3  increases  the level of good chlosterol in our blood, keeps away the problem of  unwanted blood clotting. Normalizes blood circulation throughout the body.    It reduces the level of tryglycerides.

WOW Fish Oil Benefits Omega 3 Fatty Acid Uses

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4. Reduces the symptoms of metobolic syndrome.

Friends, excessive stomach cramps, high blood pressure problems, high blood sugar problems, low evidence of good cholesterol, increased amount of triglycerides are  all included in the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, due to which the risk of other heart-related diseases increases. Diabetes problems increase. Regular intake of omega-3 is very helpful in getting rid of these problems.

5. Helps in Autoimmune disorders .

Friends, a fatal problem like autoimmune in which our own immune system accidentally starts dying on its own good cells. As a result, we become incapable of fighting diseases. Countless diseases are called. One disease after another starts coming. One disease is cured or the other comes. For example, in a patient with diabetes-1, our immune system accidentally starts destroying the necessary cells that produce insulin.  Omega-3 intake is very beneficial  in this situation, apart from this, it is  also beneficial in diseases like lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Uulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and P. soriasis.

6. Helps in Mental Disorder.

Friends, due to the DHA present  in it, the functioning of our brain remains smooth. It is helpful in mental states like forgetting things quickly, being confused, losing understanding of right and wrong, doing unwanted things, doing harm to yourself, quarreling with anyone unnecessarily, getting irritated in things unnecessarily, being in misunderstandings, keeping the mind filled with unnecessary doubts.

7. Improve Bone and Joint Health

Friends, in today’s time, problems like long-term pain in the knee, lack of strength in bones, constant pain in the back bones, pain in the back part of the neck are seen. Not having the necessary amount of lubrication, such as  running a car engine without oil, can take into account, in this situation the car can run but it becomes difficult to run for a long time. In the same way it works as lubrication in our bones and  joints.  By consuming O Mega-3, our couples move well, which helps in reducing pain.

8. Keeps the skin healthy.

Friends, long-term dryness in the skin, wrinkles, shrinking in the skin, skin becoming thin, this problem is seen in people due to lack of omega-3.   Due to the EPA and DHA present in omega-3  , this problem is reduced. The skin remains hydrated.

Price of wow fish oil capsules ?

So about 1 bottle comes to  Rs 750-800 per bottle.  According to the location, the price can be seen slightly higher and lower. Friends, how much do you get in your area, please tell us in the comment!! Apart from this, friends, there is nothing that you can only  use  WOW omega-3. Many other companies are also  offering oil here. You can buy and use it. And the thing to note is that the product in which you  get a high amount of EPA and DHA is good for us. Beware of a little local product.  Can’t find it. Some trusted products you choose. Before buying from a shopping website, you must check its rating.

WOW Fish oil DOSAGE ?

Friends, you can take 1-2 capsules per day after eating food. If you have a lot of deficiency in the body, then you  can also increase its dose. Before doing that first meet with your doctor about it.

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Side effects of WOW Fish Oil :

Friends, as you know, there are some good and bad aspects of everything. If a person is allergic to it or consumes it more than necessary, then they may face some problems. These include vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea problems, headache, low blood pressure, excessive bleeding during injury time, burning sensation in the chest. This includes the smell of fish.

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Who should not consume omega-3? Bleeding disorder patients must consult a doctor before consuming it.

Is WOW Fish oil good for our hair? Yes. It gives the hair the necessary protein and  keratin , which reduces hair loss.

So friends,  how did you like this information. Please tell us in the comment. Thank you very much for reading the post and giving your precious time, till then take care of yourself and your family.

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