Ofloxacin Ear Drops Uses | Price | Dose | Benefits | Side effects?

Friends, today we will talk about Ofloxacin ear drops, in which we will know what are its uses?  How to use it? How many times can we use it in a day? What diseases it treats to related to our ears? Does it  have any side effects? What things should we keep in mind while using it?   What are precautions?

Apart from this, friends, we will talk about some other important information related to it. What is its price ? Can we buy it online? Can pregnant women use it?

Friends, first of all let’s talk about its Technical content?

ofloxacin ear drops

Friends,  In this we get Ofloxacin (0.3% w/v).  It is a drug of the quinolone antibiotic class,  which prevents the growth of bacteria in our ears, and eliminates them. This medicine is mostly used in bacterial infections related  to the ear.

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Friends, now let’s talk What are its uses ?

As we mentioned, it prevents bacterial infections associated with our ears. Prevents the growth of bacteria. This drop is used if there is a person who is having severe pain in his ears. There is a sharp burning sensation in the ears. It is also prescribed by  the doctor. It is also used when there is itching due to infection in the ears. And also used in case of an outer ear infection.  It is also used in  middle ear infections. This drop is also prescribed by the doctor in infections associated with Ear canal.

Ofloxacin Ear Drops Uses

How does it work?

Talking about its mode of action, it blocks  the DNA-gyrase enzyme that  grows bacteria in our ears, which stops the growth of bacterial cells.  It  stops the multiplying process of bacteria. Stops Cell division of bacteria.  As a result, bacteria are eliminated.  In this way, we get relief from the infection in the ears. The itching in the ears stops. Also give relief from irritations.

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Let’s talk about what are its dosage?

Its dosage can be determined by looking at  the  condition of the person. Its normal dosage is used one to two (1-2)  times a day. It can be reduced or increased by looking at the condition of the patient. While using it, 2-5 drops of it are used in the ear by tilting the head on one side. And for 5 minutes you have to sleep on one side so that the medicine is spread all around the infections in the ears. If there is an infection in both ears, then you can use it by putting the head on the other side. It is important to use it properly every day until the treatment is completed. To avoid bacteria, do  not touch the tip of the drop with your hands.  After using Dropes, close the container tightly.

Keep putting the medicine in your ears every day according to the given period. Do not miss Dose. After a few days, if you start feeling good, do not stop taking medicines. In Problems like infection, it is necessary to complete the treatment. Even if the infection stops bothering you, then you  need to complete the dose and duration.

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This has to be done because of this. If you stop putting the drops as soon as you feel good  and some bacteria survive in your ears, the remaining bacteria  start multiplying themselves again in a few days  , which increases the chances of infection again.

What side effects can be seen?

If a person is  allergic to Ofloxacin Drops.  Or they have had  some problems with Quinolone class medicines in the past.  So they may face some problems.  There may be pain in the ears for some time. May be a sharp burning sensation.  There may be a problem of dizziness, there may be a headache, there may be a change of test in the mouth.  There may be a problem of nausea, in addition to diarrhea.

Ofloxacin Ear Drops Uses

Here are some problems that we have told you, apart from this, there may be some other problems. If you have any of these or any other problems for a long time. So stop taking medicines. And definitely visit your doctor once. So that you can be given any more safe drops by not dropping this.

If we talk about storing it, then you have to keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, as well as away from moisture and heat . Do not freeze the medicine in the fridge. Keep it away from the reach of children.

What precautions should we take?  What are its precautions?

It is not used for pregnant women without the advice of a doctor. This medicine is not safe for lactating women. It given only on the advice of a doctor. You must take care of this.

Give your medical history to your doctor before using Ofloxacin Drops. If you have ever had any allergies to this medicine before .  Do not use it while driving  , it may distract you. It reduces alertness.   Also, avoid using it while doing work related to machinery.  Also, do not use it without the advice of a doctor.  Avoid self-medication, avoid putting your health at risk!!

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Its market cost/  How much is the price?

Its 5 ml  pack bottle comes to around Rs 40-50. The price can be  seen higher or lower according to the location and country of the market. It is easily available in the market. You can also buy it online. There are many shopping website where it is easily available.  You can also order it at home from there.

So friends, how did you like this information, please tell us in the comment section. If you have any questions or suggestions about Ofloxacin ear drops, then do let us know. Your suggestion is important to us. Also, thank you very much for reading the post and giving your precious time , till then take care of yourself and your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Are Ofloxacin ear drops safe for us? It is safe for us when we use it for  the prescribed dose and duration time.

After how long does it take to see its effect? It affects immediately. It may take a few days for the infection to heal. However, if you do not get relief from the infection within 1 week. Then do not delay in visiting your doctor. May be you need any other drop except this drop? You should be treat on time.

What should we do if we forget to use ofloxacin ear drops? There is nothing to worry about. Yet  keep taking the dose on time. Keep taking the medicine according to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.   

Can we stop using medication  when we start to feel better?  No.  If the bacteria is not completely eliminated, then you may get an infection again. It is important to complete your treatment.

Is Ofloxacin ear drops a safe medicine for pregnant women? No,  it can be harmful to use without  the advice of a doctor. It given on the advice of a doctor.

Can we give it to the children? Give it only on the advice of the doctor.

What are the side effects  of Ofloxacin ear drops?  If we talk about its main side effects, it  can cause irritation in the ears. There is a problem of Discomfort in the ear. May be itching in the ears. There may be a headache.

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