Periactin Tablet Cyproheptadine 4mg : Uses Price Dose Benefits ?

Friends, today we will talk about Periactin Tablet. In which we will know in which diseases this medicine is used?  What are its uses ? How much is its market rate ? What precautions should we take while using it? Apart from this,  what are the side effects of using Periactin Tablet?

Apart from this, friends, we will know about other important things of Periactin Tablet , in which its safe dose is there? Can pregnant women use it ? Which person should avoid using this medicine? Is this medicine available to buy online?

Friends, first of all, let’s talk about its content?

periactin tablet

It contains Cyproheptadine in the ratio of 4 mg. Friends this medicine is an antihistamine class drug, which is mainly used  to cure allergy symptoms. This medicine is easily available in the market under different brand names. Including Cyproan Tablet, Lupactin 4mg Tablet, Pep ON 4mg Tablet, App UP 4mg Tablet,  Add App  is available in the market under the name of 4 mg Tablet. Apart from this, the drug is also available in the market under other brand names. The content  remains cyproheptadine.

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What are its uses ?

If a person has a problem with watery eyes, in that case its use is effective. If a person’s nose keeps watering repeatedly, in that condition this medicine is prescribe by the doctor. In addition, if a person’s eyes are itching again and again, the nose is itching again and again,  So this medicine is also use in that case. If a patient is repeatedly sneezing more than necessary, then this medicine is also prescribe by  the doctor.

If a person complains of itching. So this medicine is used in it. Also, if a person does not feel hungry properly. Or if he eats less food than necessary, then this medicine is also use to increase hunger. Apart from this, if a person is suffering from rashes, then this medicine is also prescribed by  the doctor.

Periactin Tablet Cyproheptadine 4mg

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Mode of Action/ How does it work?

Talking about mode of action, when our body  is in an allergic reaction,  it releases a chemical called histamine in our body, which  increases allergies in our body  . This medicine blocks the release of this chemical. As a result, we  get relief from allergies. We are cured.

Now we talk about its dosage?

By the way, its dosage can be determine by looking at  the condition  of  the  patient. Its normal dosage is used one to three times  a  day. This medicine has to be taken after eating food. The doctor can reduce or increase the dose of this medicine by looking at the patient’s condition  .

Also, its dosage is decide by the doctors based on the patient’s age, medical condition and patient’s ability to respond to the treatment. Apart from this, its dose in children is decide by looking at the weight and physical size of the child. Its overdose is harmful for us.

Periactin Tablet Cyproheptadine 4mg

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What side effects can I see?

If a person is  allergic to Periactin Tablet.  Or they may have had  some problems with antihistamine class medicines in the past.  So they may face some problems.

There  may be a problem of drowsiness in the person, as well as the problem of dizziness, in addition to this, the person may have problems seeing with a little eye.  Constipation can occur. There may be dryness in the mouth, nose, throat. There may be a problem of headache.

Here are some problems that we have told you, apart from this, there may be some other problems. However, these problems can occur until our body adjusts to this medicine. It can only happen for some time. No medical treatment is need.

But if you start having any of these or any other problems for a long time, stop taking the medicine.  So that the doctor can not give you this medicine and give you any more safe medicine.

If we talk about storing it, then you have to keep this medicine away from direct sunlight, as well as keep moisture away  from heat. Do not freeze the medicine in the fridge. Keep it out of the reach of children.

What is Precautions?  What are the precautions while taking medicines?

This medicine is not use for pregnant women without the advice of a doctor  . This medicine is not safe for lactating women.  And also This medicine is not safe for newborns bebies.  This medicine can be given only on the advice of a doctor. You must take care of this.

Excessive use of this medicine remains harmful. This medicine blocks the secretion of a chemical called serotonin in our body  , which is not good for us.  You must take care of this.

Apart from this, before using this medicine, give your medical history to the doctor. If you have ever had any allergies to this medicine before, do not use the medicine while driving  , your attention can be distracted. The alertness may reduces .  Also, avoid using it while doing work related to machinery.  Also, do not use it without the advice of a doctor.  Avoid self-medication, avoid putting your health at risk!!

Its market rate/  How much is the price?

 A strip of 10 tablets comes down to  about 10-15 rupees. Depending on the location and country of the market, the price can be seen higher or lower. It is easily available in the market. You can also buy it online. There are many shopping websites available .  You can also order it at home from there.

So friends, how did you like this information, please tell us in the comment. If you  have any questions or suggestions about this medicine, then definitely tell. Your suggestion is important to us. Also, thank you very much for reading the post and giving your precious time , till then take care of yourself and your family. !! Jai Hind Jai Bharat !!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Is this medicine safe for an alcoholic person? No, it can cause other problems. Do not take it without the advice of a doctor.

Can we give this medicine to a patient suffering from kidney disease ? No, it can be given only on the advice of a doctor.

 Is this Periactin tablet safe for a patient suffering from Liver disease? No, it can be given only on the advice of a doctor.

Is Periactin tablet safe during pregnancy ? No, it can be given only on the advice of a doctor.

Can we use Periactin tablet while driving ? No, it can reduce your attention, unwanted things can happen.

Is this medicine safe for children? The doctor’s advice is necessary, only then we can give it to the children.

Can pregnant women take this Periactin tablet ? No, this medicine can be given on the advice of a doctor.

Is this medicine use in the problem of runny nose? Yes, it  is prescribed by the doctor.

What to do if you see any side effects from this medicine for a long time  ? Stop taking the medicine and do not delay in visiting your doctor.

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