Cetirizine 10 mg Hydrochloride Tablet Why Mostly Use in Allergies?

Friends, today we will talk about Cetirizine 10 mg Hydrochloride Tablet.  In this we know what are the diseases this medicine cure? What are its uses ?  Up to what age can it be given? How much dosage should be taken in adults and children?  What are its side effects  ?  What are its contradiction ?

Who can’t be take this medicine?  Can it be given to pregnant women? Can it cure fever?  Or can it be use in other diseases as well? Let’s know in detail!!  First of all, let’s talk about the basic information?

Basic Details :

Cetirizine 10 mg Hydrochloride Tablet is a class of antihistamines. Which is use to prevent allergies to the patient.  Citrizine is available in the market in syrup, tablet form in  capsule form as well as in cheawable form.  But here we are just only talking about tablet form.  Now let’s talk about the strength of cetirizine tablet?

cetirizine 10 mg

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Available Strengths :

How much strength do we get?  How much strength is available at the medical store?  So here we get Cetirizine in the market in the strength of  10mg, 5mg, 1mg.  This remains an uncoated form.  Which can also be broken or dissolved in water. For example, this is the generic name of cetirizine medicine and

By the same name, we get this tablet anywhere at the medical store.  And apart from this, many of its brand names are available at the medical store.  In which we tell some popular brand names, so that you do not have any confusion.  Okacet tablets, Cetirizine medication tablets, Cetmun-10 tablets, Cetzine tablets, Cetcip tablets, Cetirizina tablets are some of its popular brands. Brand name varies country by country.

Which we get easily in the market.  Apart from this, it is available in your area with some other names.  Because it is a very common medicine, this medicine is available from many brand names.  But the common content in everyone remains Cetirizine .

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Friends, now we know what its uses?  What benefits do we get?

Uses & Health Benefits :

Cetirizine 10 mg medicine is commonly use in allergic conditions, rhinitis condition. If there is a person who has a runny nose or is sneezing,  the nose has turned red!!  If there is dryness in the nose, watering in the eyes,  there is some kind of itching in the eyes, if  Citrizine is  given to the person at that time, then there is a lot of relief. 

cetirizine 10 mg

Also, if the person is having any kind of itching in the body, the use of Cetirizine 10 mg is beneficial even in that condition.  At the same time, if a person has been bitten by a small worm, or bitten by an ant Or the bee has bitten it so that it is swollen or itchy. At that time, it is very beneficial to use Cetirizine 10 mg to reduce inflammation and itching.

Even in allergic asthma, As a Supportive Treatment is prescribe to the patient by the Cetirizine Tablet doctor for a long time.  Apart from this, seasonal allergies are cause by changes in the weather.  The use of  Cetirizine Tablet is also beneficial in that. There is a disease called Scabies.  In which the person remains itchy for a long time. Due to which the person has frequent itching problems.  That time Cetirizine Tablet is prescribe to the patient by the doctor to prevent itching.

If a person is having any kind of itching in the body due to the use of any medicine, In that case it is beneficial to use Cetirizine Tablet.  Friends, after knowing about its uses, we move forward.

Dosage :

By the way, the dose of medicine depends on the condition of the patient and the condition  of the disease.  Mostly the common dose is given 1 tablet per day.  Can be given twice a day if needed.  A tablet of 5 mg or 10 mg is enough for the patient.  It is beneficial to take medicines after eating food at night.

Generally, the duration of this medicine lasts for 3-10 days, but it is increase when there is more problem.  According to a study, it has been told. If a person is above  65 years of age.  So he has to take a 5 mg dose of Cetirizine Tablet. Tablets with a strength of 10 mg do not have to be taken.  If a person has acidity problems. So Pantoprazole, Omeprazole, Rabiprazole are given along with Citrizine Tablet so that the patient does not have gastric irritation.

While using this medicines, you have to stay away from heavy machine  work, Stay away from driving,  Stay away from high altitudes.  As long as you take this medicine. And the effect time of the medicine starts working within 15-60  minutes of consumption.  Normally starts work in 20 minutes. Now let’s talk about some precautions? Which person should avoid Cetirizine 10 mg Tablet ?

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Cetirizine Tablet Essential Precautions

If a person has any kidney related disease, it is not safe to take cetirizine tablet.  If a person has liver disease, the use of cetirizine is not good.  Apart from this, the patient has a problem of prostate enlargement In that case cetirizine is not safe to use.  If a person has any kind of allergy to the antihistamine group medicine, For that person this medicine should avoided.

This medicine can not given during pregnancy.  Also, those who are breastfeeding  mothers who feed there children,  In that case this medicine can not given. It’s not safe for both of them.  If there is a less problem, then the doctor can prescribe  by reducing the amount of Cetirizine tablet, but you do not take the medicine according to your own.  If a person takes alcohol, should not take this medicine.  Also, someone with  peptic ulcer does not have to take this medicine.  Now let’s talk about some of its side effects ?

Cetirizine Tablet Side Effects :

Although it is a very good medicine, it is a safe medicine, but still its side effects have been seen in many patients.  The person may have Drowsiness, Sleepiness, Fatigue in the body. There may be trouble in urinating, if  we talk about childrens, they may have stomach pain. Here are some side effects.  Apart from this, you may get some undesirable effects,

So stop taking Cetirizine Tablet immediately and see your doctor.  So that you get further treatment and another tablet given to you.  And friends One thing if you take this medicine without prescription by the doctor. You may faced some harmful effects. So always take any type of tablet only after the advice of the doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Can we use Cetirizine 10 mg Hydrochloride Tablet to cure fever?  No, there is no special benefits in fever.

Can I use Cetirizine 10 mg Hydrochloride Tablet in headache ?  No, there is no any good effects in headache.

Can we use Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablet as a painkiller in body pain?  No, this is not a painkiller medicine.

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